Mission and Purpose



“Raising up disciples to follow in the the footstep of Christ, while readily destroying the work of the devil and delivering people from the bondage of sin and breaking the chains of the enemy, setting the captives free”

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Why Choose Us

You may be feeling lost and uncertain about the path your life is taking you or you may just need to overcome some things in your life or even your job then you have found the right ministry to be a part of.

Are you a leader of a church and feel like the enemy is causing chaos among your members? or maybe you just want to prevent chaos before it happens? then you have also come to the right place to partner in the process of deliverance and protection for your church.

Jesus Deliverance Ministries is anointed and equipped to join forces with families, ministries and businesses to fight against spiritual attack and warfare.

The average person is stuck with problems they cannot shake or fix because it is often a deliverance solution.

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